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There are several benefits of Duck Eggs for Health.The salted egg content of  much vitamins in, the are Vitamin A, vitamin E and mineral.
One egg contains raw larger 158 mg of phosphorus which is 17.4% of your recommended daily intake. In addition to phosphorus, the benefits of duck eggs also contribute nutrients such as calcium, potassium and iron in large enough quantities.

Lombok Island has many duct farms area, duck eggs most people in Lombok use to  consumtion of duck eggs.

Lombok duck eggs are a source of good nutrition. Although the fat content and kolestrolnya higher than chicken eggs, duck eggs consumed in normal amounts, ie 1-2 eggs per day, will contribute significantly to the health nutrition.

Eggs are consumed by people of Lombok generally derived from poultry farms. Type the most widely consumed eggs are chicken eggs, duck eggs and quail eggs. duck egg blue color small, local duck white and gray colored duck are slightly reddish white. Historically, duck also known as the “duck” comes from North America. In those days it was still a wild duck. Along with the change of time and growing consumer demand for eggs ducks, wild ducks began to be cultivated.Now more people in Lombok they product salt eggs.

Its easy delivery Lombok Salt eggs , regular number of cargo has daily schedule from Lombok to all over in Indonesia at least for days ,You can order some salt eggs from  the site.

Beside salt egg Lombok also is home of honey bee (madu lebah) it’s good for healht also you can find wild horse milk




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