August 25, 2016

What To Do

What should We do during Staying in Lombok

Dear colleagues

West Nusa Tenggara tourism industry get faster grow up after 1987. This progress is faster about thirty five years better than normal condition. But the progress is just in Lombok Island not all this province yet. Lombok Island is so close from Bali Island that gets popular before there has been a few writing info and it’s beyond particular known as the lesser Sundas comprising of Lombok Islands small Island in between, the untouched surfeit destination to Lombok Islands.

The involvement for the local people to participate actively are Our primer concern to be the developed in Our concept  for We have been Enjoy a good mutual and understanding in Our Culture


1       On your arrival at Lombok International Airport, You will be met Yours tour guide, Hotel Staff, and Yours Drivers also Yours  family and relative then transport to your next destination after having your choose cars at the Airport. Nice day enjoy your hospitality


2    Trekking, Heking, and Camping

Rinjani mountain 2726M above Sea Level, volcano crater lake, Rinjani Mountain Offer to climb up the Mountain minimal 3 Days 2 Night to the summit, and 2Days 1 Night Rim Program, more option to get the Summit, if you want to spend your day on the mountain, you can stay another more day, and while you want increase your staying more, stay more day on the rim Sembalun and Rim Senaru, or take more longer day on the post. One more activity never miss panorama walk start earlier in the morning and end in the evening to see beautiful panorama inside the forest.. The close village is Senaru.
At Senaru village, which is located at one of the trekking gates to Mount Rinjani, traditional housing has been well maintained, as has the park’s mix Islamic community. In the period between July and September the number of visitors tends to increase in line with holiday seasons on the mountain Rinjani,”




  1. Snorkel , Dive, and sunbathing .

Lombok has many beach to snorkel and diving offer, they  are including three gili north part of Lombok and nine Gili Southwest of Lombok, more place in between North East and South East Lombok , more Gili pound there, but few of Gilis can be visit at the moment .(see the map on the front page Ernas Tours Travel Kopang). The three Gili north part of Lombok, are the first gili explore in 1980, are Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan .

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